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Get your product to the first few pages of Google and other top search engines with our ONLINE VIDEO PROMOTION TECHNIQUE. Google’s search and indexing algorithms continue to evolve. Google has now given over more and more of its search results to a blended combination search result – displaying images, videos, blogs, and social media sites towards the top of the first page and thereby pushing down the page traditional websites that would have otherwise competed for top rankings.
Our video SEO campaigns combined with all the other media that we utilize (i.e. blogs, podcasts, bookmarking sites and social media sites) will make sure that:

  • Google finds your video content
  • Google successfully indexes your video media content
  • Google will display your video content when specific keywords are entered as search terms
  • Video, image, blogs, and social media sites that have search engine optimization (SEO) content are 53 times more likely than traditional web pages to receive an organic first-page ranking.
  • Those little images you see on search results pages are video thumbnails, and today, achieving those are considered gold mines in marketing.

VIRAL VIDEO campaign’s

A Viral Video campaign is a combination of 3 of our campaigns:

# 1 – SEO “Search Engine optimization” Video

With Asia Webnet, you can take your marketing dollars further by sharing your ideas, strengthening your customer relationships, and increasing your brand awareness through email. Our easy-to-use tools move you seamlessly from building lists and designing emails, to sending messages and tracking opens and clicks. Check out key features of our email marketing solutions below.


# 2 – 10,000 Worldwide YouTube Views

Sent directly to the YouTube video you are promoting on your own channel. We will help you with optimizing the SEO and getting placement of your video in the blogs to increase the backlinks of your main video & help with its ranking.

# 3 – 100 YouTube Comments, Favourites, Ratings & Subscribers

Sent directly to the YouTube video you are promoting to kick-start the buzz of your video and increase activity on your page, also helping bring you up the YouTube charts and searches. This combination of 3 power-packed campaigns, correctly optimized, will set you on the course to getting your video to go Viral on the web by increasing your visibility.