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It is official

As we usher in the Post-PC Era, responsive website design (RWD) is becoming an imperative for websites all over the world. The benefits are obvious. One brand. Plan hard. Build once. Experience seamlessly across different devices, screens and browsers.

  • What percentage of your visitors is accessing your website on the go?
  • How is your target audience split across PC, smartphones and tablets?
  • Do you know if you need a mobile website, responsive design or an app?
  • Do you know if you need a mobile website, responsive design or an app?
  • Are you sick of the mobile stats and want to know what to tangibly do next?
  • Interested in responsive web design but not sure where to start?

The responsive web is symbolic of the responsive business. One that really listens to its customers and gives them just what they need.

Responsive web design represents a fundamental shift in how we think about website design and development. If your business is signing off a web redesign or web development project that is not taking RWD into consideration, the experience of the increasing audience accessing your content from the myriad of mobile devices and tablets out there – it is time to find a new technology partner. Unite your users with a great UI / UX for every screen. Asia Webnet is at the forefront of responsive website design and development and has a team of experienced responsive web design and responsive development experts that can help make your business more responsive and adaptive to its environment and its customers.