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Customer growth and retention drives the growth of every business. Many companies have and are adopting CRM solutions to develop a single centralized unit to organize, automate and synchronize their business processes, thereby leading to higher business efficiency.
CRM consulting is more than just the next wave of computer-aided marketing; it is an extremely effective way of doing business. From managing sales and marketing, to providing better customer service and technical support, CRM consulting enable businesses to handle the 3 P’s, viz., people, (business) processes & procedures; and programs more efficiently and effectively than ever before. At Asia Webnet, our CRM consultants conduct a detailed study and analysis of your requirements and business processes, and provide you with a customized CRM solution to meet your needs. The solution developed enables our clients better understand the behavior of targeted customers to develop and maintain long lasting relationships with their customers.

Asia Web net’s CRM Consultants in India help organizations leverage the CRM advantage.

  • Creating and Maintaining a Customer Database.
  • Sales Force Automation, including integration with multiple communication channels (email, VOIP, fax, etc).
  • Customer Service through gathering and responding to customer requests, etc.
  • Marketing such as surveys, sales promotion, cross selling etc.
  • Research and Analysis through various tools thereby enabling organizations to understand and analyze customer information.